International Year of the Nurse 2020

2020 has been named The International Year of the Nurse and Midwife by the World Health Organisation and this year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale -  one of the world's most famous nurses. 

To celebrate the Nurses here at St Vincent's Private Hospital Sydney, we are showcasing some of our hardworking, loyal and passionate members of the Nursing team celebrating the significant contribution that they make to our community and hospital. 

Carolann, Bed Manager and Registered Nurse 

"As a child I spent some time in hospital and I always loved it. I only have good memories, especially of my favourite nurses! I suppose this is where my love of nursing began."

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Bev, Registered Nurse in the Day of Surgery Unit 

“I was influenced by my mother who was an R.N and Midwife practicing in the 1950s onwards. Her stories of hardship and compassion inspired me to follow her example and start my nursing career at St. Vincent's”

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PC, Registered Nurse in the Continuum of Care Department

"This is a role that allows me to make a positive difference, no matter how small, in a person’s life."

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PC - Pre Admissions

Grace, Registered Nurse on Patient Care Level 7

"I’m inspired by my colleagues daily! I feel we have a great working environment, it’s nice to look forward to coming to work every day."

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Grace Cooper - Level 7 

Victoria Waghorne, Nurse Unit Manager Level 3 Theatres 

“There was hope, there were ways to make people feel dignified even when this was the lowest point of their life. The vulnerability of life was something that I learned to respect.”

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Vicki Waghorne

Sabina, Registered Nurse on Patient Care Level 8

“I really do love coming to work every day to try and make little changes in my patient's lives, there is nothing more rewarding.” 

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Sabina Picture

Sara, Clinical Nurse Specialist on Patient Care Level 8 & Infection Control Consultant

“I feel privileged every day to be in the position I am today and working with such inspiring people”

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Sara Gould

James, Registered Nurse on Sr Bernice Ward

Deciding to become a nurse came from multiple reasons…my biggest influence was family

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James, RN SBW 

Adam, Registered Nurse Level 5 Theatres 

“I had saved a life, which made me realise just how lucky we are to be in this profession

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Adam Flaherty, Theatres