Intensive Care Services

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) provides complex 24-hour medical and nursing care, as well as specialised equipment for patients requiring a higher level of care. Patients are admitted to the ICU either electively after a planned major operation or as a result of an emergency that may arise during hospital admission. The ICU has 12 beds and takes approximately 1200 admissions per year.

The surgical procedures that will require postoperative admission to Intensive Care include all cardiac surgery as well as most vascular, thoracic and neurosurgery. Other admission reasons include prolonged and complex surgery and post-operative monitoring of other chronic health conditions, such as heart or lung disease.

Routine Procedure and Care

Prior to planned surgery, the Intensive Care registrar will assess patients who are expected to require Intensive Care. The transfer of a patient to the ICU is a joint admission under the referring doctor and the Intensive Care specialist. On admission to the unit, every patient is assessed by an Intensive Care specialist and a treatment plan is formulated and implemented. From then, each patient is reviewed at least twice per day by a specialist.

Please find a brochure attached for Patients and Carers.

ICU brochure (PDF 412.1KB)

Staff Structure

Our medical staff consists of the unit Director, Dr Sam Rudham, along with 6 other specialists:

  • Dr Priya Nair
  • Dr Mark Nicholls
  • Dr David Lowe
  • Dr Mani Gopal
  • Dr Hergen Buscher
  • Dr Suhel Al -Soufi

Together our consultants work as a joint practice, known as St Vincent’s Private Hospital Intensive Care Consultants (SVPHICC).

There are also Intensive Care registrars employed by the hospital who are on-site round the clock.

Our nursing team is led by Megan Joyce, Nurse Unit Manager. Nursing staff are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Agency (AHPRA). The ICU is committed to staff education, with 55% of staff completing a postgraduate nursing certificate in critical care.

Research and Quality Assurance

The ICU is committed to quality healthcare and best practice. We’re subject to evaluation under the Australian Health Care Standards (ACHS) andMagnet programs. In addition we:

  • Submit data to ANZICS Core and Critical Care Resource Databases, with excellent outcomes and results compared with other private intensive care units
  • Have very low infection rates
  • Have excellent hand hygiene compliance rates according to Hand Hygiene Australia
  • Boast 95% patient satisfaction, as measured via internal survey

Our staff satisfaction is rated as a ‘culture of success’ according to the Best Practice Australia staff satisfaction survey.

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