USpace is Australia’s first private mental health service targeted to the needs of young adults aged 16–30. Our mission is to promote the recovery and psychological wellbeing of young adults with severe and emerging mental health problems.

We provide person-centred care and cutting edge interventions in a safe, therapeutic and engaging environment. We work in collaboration with family and community to empower young people with the skills necessary to return to social participation and to continue on to a bright future.

We know mental health is the leading cause of death and disability in young people. Major mental health disorders, such as severe mood and/or psychotic disorders, commonly emerge in adolescence and continue through adult life. Despite the growing awareness of this problem, health systems around the world have been slow to respond. Young people continue to have limited access to prompt, high quality and targeted services that are available in other areas of health, such as cancer and diabetes treatments. 

At Uspace, we’re committed to the provision and development of specialist mental health interventions for this age group. We provide inpatient and outpatient services, as well as consultation rooms for clinicians. Our inpatient facility has 20 single rooms and a multidisciplinary team who provide a comprehensive program to engage patients in their mental health care. Our outpatient services, known as Day Program Services, offer support groups that build participants’ knowledge and skills of mental health care and support them to actively seek help. They enable young adults to reduce the degree of social isolation that often accompanies experiences of mental ill health.

We believe the environment of the treatment setting is integral to the provision of care. Our unit has been designed by award winning architects and interior designers and offers a bright and engaging atmosphere for the young adults we seek to serve.

We draw on the clinical expertise of our skilled staff and the research excellence of our academic partners, such as the Brain and Mind Research Institute, to provide the best individualised treatment and care experience that we can.