For clinicians & referrers

Thank you for your interest in our services. USpace is an innovative mental health service designed specifically for young adults aged between 16–30 years. Our aim is to promote recovery and psychological wellbeing for young adults with severe and emerging mental health problems.  Toward this goal, our services are organised around inpatient services, Day Program Services and our consulting suites. 

Inpatient services

Our inpatient services involve:

  • comprehensive inpatient assessment, treatment planning and transition back to regular care or ongoing outpatient monitoring and care
  • multimodal patient-centred treatment with individual and group interventions
  • psycho-education and support for families of those under our care

Our referral criteria:

  • Age 16-30
  • Mental health diagnosis
  • GP Referral
  • Current private health membership or ability to self-fund
  • Does not have a significant substance abuse or dependence disorder
  • Does not have an active eating disorder

Please call Kate Harel, tel: 02 8382 9770, for further information.

Day Program Services (outpatients)

Our Day Program Services are centred on the Uspace philosophy of functional recovery. We have developed a range of day programs, which currently include: 

  • The Transition Day Program: An open, weekly, one-day workshop for those transitioning out of an inpatient admission, with the focus on reinforcing psychological concepts and skills and encouraging engagement in community treatment. 
  • The Creating Wellbeing Day Program: A closed, weekly, one-day workshop that goes for six weeks. This program is available to those experiencing primarily mood and anxiety symptoms, who are actively seeking help and demonstrate a degree of psychological-mindedness. The skills practised within each of these modules are derived from third-wave cognitive behavioural therapies.
  • The Relational Day Program: A closed, weekly one-day workshop that goes for four weeks. Based on Cognitive Analytic Therapy, this program assists young people in understanding relationship patterns they experience (with the self and others) and the cognitions and behaviours that stem from them. The skills practiced in this program allow young people to learn new and more helpful ways of relating to themselves and others. 

Our Day Program Services will often vary as we work in response to the needs of our clients.

The Day Program Services share the abovementioned criteria with inpatient services. They also require that patients:

  • regularly engage with community clinicians
  • are actively seeking help
  • are not actively suicidal and/or engaged in deliberate self-harm

The Day Program Information Sheet (PDF 186.5KB)

Please call Lisa Parker, tel: 02 8382 9760 for further information.

Consulting Suites

We have a number of clinicians operating from our consulting suite on level 6 of the O’Brien Centre. These clinicians are consultant psychiatrists and clinical psychologists who hold an interest in working with young adults both as individuals and within their families.