Geriatric Medicine

The Department of Geriatric Medicine provides clinical and diagnostic services for older people with ‘geriatric syndromes’, including dementia, delirium, depression, falls and frailty, mobility and continence problems. Older people with many co-existing medical problems necessitating multiple medications will receive a holistic review of the appropriateness of all their treatments, as well as advice on planning future care, options for staying home or transitioning to residential care facilities and education and support for family and carers.

Areas of special interest and research include dementia and dementia care, rehabilitation, Parkinson’s disease, falls and advance care planning. Access to coordinated, multidisciplinary outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation assessments can be facilitated.

Our Specialists

Associate Professor Nick Brennan

Dr Sandy Beveridge

Dr Elizabeth Harper

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Australian and New Zealand Society for Geriatric Medicine

Our Specialists

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