Rehabilitation Medicine

Welcome to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine. We provide expert and award-winning rehabilitation management. 

Rehabilitation medicine aims to maximise your level of function. It may be needed following an illness or injury that affects your capacity to do your usual activities, such as walking, looking after yourself at home and returning to your usual role at work. 

There are many conditions which can lead to a reduced level of function or independence and the need for rehabilitation, such as, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, amputation, acute or chronic pain, recent surgery, or a serious medical illness.

Our rehabilitation physicians lead a multi-disciplinary team, including rehabilitation nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, discharge planners, speech pathologists and clinical psychologists. 

Our department offers the following services:  

  • Advice for the inpatient management of people with reduced level of function
  • Expert consultation advice and referrals for people requiring inpatient rehabilitation either at Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Service (St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney) or in another rehabilitation facility in conjunction with the hospital's Discharge Planning department.
  • Active participation in the hospital’s Stroke Unit
  • Expert consultation advice and referrals for people requiring outpatient rehabilitation 
  • The Extended Care Program - Australia’s first private, home-based post-orthopaedic rehabilitation program and winner of a St Vincent’s Health Australia Quality Award
  • Rehabilitation Medicine Advanced Training through the Specialist Training Program

We are working with the hospital executive on the development of a new rehabilitation unit as part of the hospital redevelopment plan, which will include an inpatient rehabilitation unit, active ambulatory rehabilitation program and a hydrotherapy pool. 

Our specialists have active conjoint roles in several clinical schools, including University of Notre Dame and the University of NSW, and are involved in innovative research programs, including stroke, pain, vision impairment, motor vehicle accidents and robotics. 

Many of our physicians work across the campus in St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney, Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Service and St Vincent’s Clinic, allowing for smooth, coordinated continuity of care.  

We look forward to working with you as you recover from your recent health challenges so that you can return with vigour to your usual life. 


Our Specialists

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