Vascular Surgery

The Department of Vascular Surgery treats patients with diseases of the arteries, veins and lymphatics. All aspects of arterial disease, occlusive, non-occulsive and aneurysmal disease are managed with open and endovascular therapy.

Common conditions covered by our department include:

  • extracranial disease for treatment and prevention of stroke
  • aneurysms of thoracic and abdominal aorta, treated with state of the art stenting, frenestrated grafts, hybrid and open surgery
  • traumatic and atherosclerotic dissections
  • occlusive disease of aorta, visceral, renal and peripheral arteries, treated with open and endovascular surgery
  • venous abnormalities such as varicose veins, venous ulcers, venous thrombosis and compression syndromes, treated using ultrasound guided sclerotherapy and traditional surgery

The department provides vascular access procedures for dialysis and administration of drugs. Our surgeons support the St Vincent Private Hospital Sydney renal transplant program and the neurosurgical service with spinal access.

The Department of Vascular Surgery is active in researching and introducing new techniques in all aspects of vascular surgery.

All our members have conjoint teaching appointments at the University of NSW and University of Notre Dame.

Wound Care and Stomal Therapy Nurse 

Marnie Simpson

Mobile 0437 357 572 | Office 02 8382 7460

Our Specialists


Our Specialists

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