Our Specialists

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Title Name Surname Address Phone Department
Anaesthesia Dr Andrew Howard
Anaesthesia Dr Bojidar Manasiev
Anaesthesia Dr Bradley Smith
Anaesthesia Dr Simon Adamo
Anaesthesia Dr Damien Boyd
Anaesthesia Dr Campbell Brown
Anaesthesia Dr Gregory Deacon
Anaesthesia Dr Drew Heffernan
Anaesthesia Dr William Herlihy
Anaesthesia Dr Martine Holford
Anaesthesia Dr Colleen Kane
Anaesthesia Dr Michael King
Anaesthesia Dr Maroun G Mallat
Anaesthesia Marie McKell
Anaesthesia Dr Michelle Moyle
Anaesthesia Dr Elizabeth O'Hare
Anaesthesia Dr Howard Roby
Anaesthesia Dr Jennifer Stevens
Anaesthesia Dr Michael Stone
Anaesthesia Dr Sabine Vuong
Anaesthesia Dr Luke Vyvyan
Breast Surgery | Breast Surgery | General Surgery | Surgical Oncology Dr Anthony J. Chambers
Breast Surgery | General Surgery | Surgical Oncology Dr Warren Hargreaves
Breast Surgery Dr Tamara Preda
Breast Surgery Dr Elisabeth Rippy
Breast Surgery Dr Davendra Segara
Breast Surgery | Breast Surgery | General Surgery | Surgical Oncology Dr April Wong
Cardiology Dr Brendan Gunalingam
Cardiology Professor Christopher Hayward
Cardiology Associate Professor Cameron Holloway
Cardiology Associate Professor Andrew Jabbour
Cardiology Dr Neil Jacobs
Cardiology Dr Krishna Kathir
Cardiology Professor Anne Keogh AM
Cardiology Associate Professor Eugene Kotlyar
Cardiology Associate Professor Dennis Kuchar
Cardiology Prof Peter Macdonald
Cardiology Associate Professor Jane McCrohon
Cardiology Associate Professor David Muller
Cardiology Professor Michael O'Rourke AM
Cardiology Dr James Otton
Cardiology Dr Paul Roy
Cardiology Dr David A. Roy
Cardiology Dr Neville Sammel
Cardiology Dr Laurence Schneider
Cardiology Associate Professor Rajesh Subbiah
Cardiology Dr Charles Thornburn
Cardiology Dr Camilla Wainwright
Cardiology Dr Bruce Walker
Cardiology Dr Stephanie Wilson
Cardiology Professor Michael Feneley AM
Cardiology Professor Robert M. Graham AO
Cardiology Dr David Baron
Cardiology Professor Terry Campbell AM
Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr Mark Connellan
Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr Emily Granger
Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr Paul Jansz
Colorectal Surgery Dr Rohan M. Gett
Colorectal Surgery Dr Darren M. Gold
Colorectal Surgery Dr Alan Meagher
Colorectal Surgery Dr Gareth Owen
Endocrinology Professor Lesley Veronica Campbell AM
Endocrinology Dr Daniel Chen
Endocrinology Professor Jerry Greenfield
Endocrinology Dr Ann McCormack
Endocrinology Dr Kerry-lee Milner
Endocrinology Professor Katherine Samaras
Endocrinology Professor Bernard Tuch
Endocrinology A/Prof Alexander Viardot
Endocrinology Dr Andrew J. Weissberger
Gastroenterology Dr Carolyn Bariol
Gastroenterology Associate Professor Mark Danta
Gastroenterology Dr Nicolas De Luca
Gastroenterology Dr Robert Feller
Gastroenterology Dr Simon Ghaly
Gastroenterology Dr Alina Stoita
Gastroenterology Dr Christopher Vickers
Gastroenterology Dr Suhirdan Vivekanandarajah
Gastroenterology Dr Antony Wettstein
Gastroenterology Dr David Williams
General Surgery | General Surgery | Upper GI | Gastrointestinal Surgery Associate Professor Douglas Fenton-Lee
General Surgery Dr Rohan M. Gett
General Surgery | General Surgery | Gastrointestinal Surgery Dr Koroush Haghighi
General Surgery | Upper GI Professor Reginald V.N. Lord
General Surgery Dr Alan Meagher
General Surgery Dr David Segara
General Surgery | Upper GI Professor Michael Talbot
General Surgery Dr Clement Tsang
Geriatric Medicine Dr Alexander (Sandy) Beveridge
Geriatric Medicine Associate Professor Nicholas Brennan
Gynaecology and Obstetrics Dr Jennifer Dew
Gynaecology and Obstetrics Associate Professor Bernard Haylen
Gynaecology and Obstetrics Dr Surya Krishnan
Gynaecology and Obstetrics Dr Vince Lamaro
Gynaecology and Obstetrics Dr Joseph Lee
Gynaecology and Obstetrics Clinical Associate Professor Michael Cooper
Haematology Associate Professor Anthony Dodds
Haematology Dr Keith Fay
Haematology Dr Joanne Joseph
Haematology Dr Chun Kei Kris Ma
Haematology Professor David Ma
Haematology Associate Professor John Moore
Head and Neck Surgery Associate Professor Ron Bova
Head and Neck Surgery | Otolaryngology Dr Julia Crawford
Head and Neck Surgery | Otolaryngology Associate Professor Richard Gallagher
Head and Neck Surgery Dr Georgina Harris
Immunology Dr Winnie Tong
Intensive Care Dr Suhel Al-Soufi
Intensive Care Dr Hergen Buscher
Intensive Care Dr Mani Gopal
Intensive Care Dr David Lowe
Intensive Care Dr Priya Nair
Intensive Care Dr Mark Nicolls
Intensive Care Dr Sam Rudham
Interventional Radiology Dr David Boshell
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Darren B. Chen
Medical Imaging Dr Grant Bigg-Wither
Medical Imaging Dr Linda Borella
Medical Imaging Dr Pascal Bou-Haidar
Medical Imaging Dr Andrew Csillag
Medical Imaging Dr Nita Durham
Medical Imaging Dr Sebastian Fung
Medical Imaging Dr William Lees
Medical Imaging Associate Professor Nicholas Pocock
Medical Imaging Dr Sharyn Rothwell
Medical Imaging Dr Garry Schaffer
Medical Oncology Dr Venessa Chin
Medical Oncology Professor Richard Epstein
Medical Oncology Dr Amanda Goldrick
Medical Oncology Associate Professor Anthony Joshua
Medical Oncology A/Prof Elgene Lim
Nephrology Dr Timothy Furlong
Nephrology Adjunct Professor James Michael Hayes
Nephrology Dr Mark Joseph Penny
Nephrology Professor Jacob Sevastos
Neurology Professor Bruce J. Brew
Neurology Associate Professor Paul Darveniza
Neurology Associate Professor Ray Garrick AM
Neurology Associate Professor Romesh Markus
Neurology Dr John O'Neill
Neurology Dr Neil Simon
Neurology Dr Ian Sutton
Neurology Dr Stephen Tisch
Neurology Dr Susan Tomlinson
Neurosurgery Dr Peter Bentivoglio
Neurosurgery Dr Jacob Fairhall
Neurosurgery Dr Ben Jonker
Neurosurgery Dr Richard John Parkinson
Neurosurgery Dr Malcolm Pell
Neurosurgery Dr John Sheehy
Neurosurgery A/Prof Timothy Steel
Neurosurgery Dr Mark J. Winder
Ophthalmology Dr Alex Hamilton
Ophthalmology Dr Brian Chua
Ophthalmology Associate Professor R. Max Conway
Ophthalmology Dr Ross Fitzsimons
Ophthalmology Associate Professor Clare Fraser
Ophthalmology Dr John Kennedy
Ophthalmology Dr Jed Lusthaus
Ophthalmology Dr John J. Males
Ophthalmology Professor Peter McCluskey
Ophthalmology Dr Timothy Nolan
Ophthalmology Dr Brett O'Donnell
Ophthalmology Clinical Professor Stephanie Watson
Oral Health and Dentistry Dr Peter Foltyn
Oral Health and Dentistry Dr Evan Godfrey
Orthopaedic Surgery Associate Professor Brett Courtenay
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Michael Dixon
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Andrew Higgs
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Amir Kalanie
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Oliver Khoo
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Warren Philip Kuo
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Matt Lyons
Orthopaedic Surgery Associate Professor Michael Neil
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Horng Lii Oh
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Stephen Quain
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr John Rooney
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Bradley Seeto
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Tim Small
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Michael Solomon
Orthopaedic Surgery Professor Martin Sullivan
Orthopaedic Surgery Associate Professor Simon Tan
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Nick Vertzyas
Orthopaedic Surgery Associate Professor Craig S. Waller
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Matthew Yalizis
Orthopaedic Surgery | Orthopaedic Surgery | Urology Dr Timothy Yeoh
Otolaryngology Associate Professor Nigel Biggs
Otolaryngology Associate Professor Ron Bova
Otolaryngology Dr Phillip Chang
Otolaryngology Dr Ian Cole
Otolaryngology Dr Sean Flanagan
Otolaryngology Professor Richard Harvey
Palliative Medicine Associate Professor Richard Chye
Palliative Medicine Dr Philip Redelman
Pathology Dr David Andresen
Pathology Professor Jock Harkness
Pathology Professor Debbie Marriott
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr Russell Aldred
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr David Caminer
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr Frederick Clarke
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr Roger Haddad
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr Michael Kernohan
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr Steven Liew
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr Elias Moisidis
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr James Southwell-Keely
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Benjamin Allard
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Leticia Aydos
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Nicholas Babidge
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Robert Fisher
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Gary Galambos
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Lee Hardwick
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Geoff McDonald
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Peter McGeorge
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Deepinder Miller
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Jennifer Pulley
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Astrid Rogoz
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Associate Professor Elizabeth Scott
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Mary-Anne Venetoulis
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Yvonne White
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Mark Yim
Psychology Associate Professor Adam Guastella
Psychology Associate Professor Paul Rhodes
Psychology Dr Cristina Cacciotti Saija
Radiation Oncology Professor Gerald Fogarty
Radiation Oncology Dr Cecelia Gzell
Radiation Oncology Dr Raj S. Jagavkar
Rehabilitation Medicine Dr Kathryn Brooke
Rehabilitation Medicine Associate Professor Steven Faux
Rehabilitation Medicine Dr Shari Parker
Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Dr Anthony Byrne
Rheumatology Dr Christopher D. Browne
Rheumatology Professor Richard O. Day AM
Rheumatology Dr Laila Girgis
Rheumatology Dr Terry Kwong
Rheumatology Dr Lea-Anne May
Sports Medicine Dr Angus Bathgate
Sports Medicine Dr Scott Burne
Sports Medicine Dr Maja Markovic
Surgical Oncology Dr Paul Crea
Surgical Oncology Dr Michael Jensen
Surgical Oncology Dr Alex Matthews
Surgical Oncology Dr David Segara
Thoracic Medicine Dr Dev Banerjee
Thoracic Medicine Associate Professor David Bryant
Thoracic Medicine Professor Allan Glanville
Thoracic Medicine Professor Ron Grunstein
Thoracic Medicine Dr Adrian Havryk
Thoracic Medicine Dr David Jankelson
Thoracic Medicine Dr Monique Malouf
Thoracic Medicine Associate Professor Marshall Plit
Thoracic Medicine Associate Professor Janet Rimmer
Thoracic Medicine Dr Emily Stone
Thoracic Medicine Associate Professor Deborah H. Yates
Urology Dr David Ende
Urology Dr Raji Kooner
Urology Dr Gordon O'Neill
Urology Dr Richard Savdie
Urology Professor Phillip Stricker AO
Urology Dr Carlo Yuen
Vascular Medicine Dr Michael A. McGrath
Vascular Medicine Professor Abdullah Omari
Vascular Surgery Dr John Anthony Crozier AM
Vascular Surgery Dr David Evans
Vascular Surgery Associate Professor Anthony Grabs
Vascular Surgery Associate Professor Antony R. Graham
Vascular Surgery Associate Professor Ravi Huilgol
Dermatology Dr Kate Dunlop
Dermatology Dr Liang Joo Leow
Gastrointestinal Surgery Professor Reginald V.N. Lord
Gastrointestinal Surgery Dr Clement Tsang
Haematology Dr Eleni Mayson
Vascular Surgery Dr Mayo Theivendran
General Surgery Dr Anthony Glover
Psychiatry and Psychological Services Dr Richard Baker
Breast Surgery Dr Deborah Cheung
Upper GI Professor Peter Cosman
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Bu Balalla
Urology Dr James Symons
Radiation Oncology A/Prof Michael Izard
Endocrinology Prof John Eisman
Medical Oncology Dr Rachel Dear
Cardiology Dr Andrew Roy
Neurosurgery Dr Raj Reddy
Head and Neck Surgery Dr Brett Leavers
Neurosurgery Dr Saeed Kohan
Endocrinology Associate Professor Roger Chen
Urology Dr James Thompson
Cardiothoracic Surgery Dr Alasdair Watson
Endocrinology Professor Jacqueline Center
Neurology Dr Samuel Bolitho
Endocrinology Dr Michelle Isaacs
Cardiology Dr Kavitha Muthiah
Urology Dr Benjamin Namdarian
Gastroenterology Dr Santosh Sanagapalli
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Sanjeev Gupta
Endocrinology Dr Ken Ho
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Dr Vlad Illie
Orthopaedic Surgery Dr Allan Young
Cardiology Dr Jason Kaplan
Otolaryngology Dr Timothy Matthews
Breast Surgery Dr Eva Nagy
Breast Surgery Dr Nipu Jayatilleke