Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy is located in the foyer and opens Monday to Friday 8.30 am to 5.15 pm. As well as medical supplies and prescriptions, the pharmacy offers a wide range of gift ideas that may be hand-delivered to patients. Please contact tel: 02 8382 7465 with the patient’s name to place an order.

Gifts available include:

  • Individually crafted gift parcels
  • Fresh pre-arranged flowers
  • Confectionary, including chocolates and jellies
  • Speciality giftware, including soft toys, ornaments and home wares
  • Skin care products

Cosmac Surgical Appliances are available from the pharmacy. Trained healthcare professionals are available weekdays to assess, measure and fit surgical garments, including medical compression stockings, travel stockings, body supports and braces. Appointments are advisable, as fittings are required for most items. For more information, please contact tel: 02 8382 7257.

Inpatients Services

On admission, a pharmacist may review your current medication. However, while you’re a patient with us, your nurse will administer all medication. You may not visit the pharmacy to fill prescriptions.

On discharge, a pharmacist may visit you to make you understand any medications you may need to use after your stay. You may also receive an overview of the medication you received while at hospital. If you do, please discuss this with your GP, so that he/she can monitor your recovery.