Support Services

Support Services is comprised of several departments at St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney. These departments include Food Services, Environmental services, Security and Retail & Functions . There are over 480 team members.

Food services

Food Services include nutrition, production, distribution, functions, staff cafeterias, the Wintergarden café in St Vincent’s Clinic and Sacred Heart Terrace coffee shop.

Food and Nutrition Services are an integral part of your health care at St Vincent’s Private Hospital. The Food and Nutrition team aims to provide you with nutritious and tasty meals to aide your recovery. Our Food Services has been fully accredited for food safety since 1999. We were one of the first hospitals to receive HACCP food safety accreditation. It is vital that food services in acute care hospitals are food safety accredited to ensure a safe food supply is provided to vulnerable populations in our communities.

Environmental services

Environmental Services oversees Cleaning, Waste, Laundry and Mail Room services at St Vincent’s Private hospital Sydney. Environmental Services conducts a quality controlled cleaning service that is electronically audited internally, and also participate in external cleaning audits to ensure we maintain quality and safety for patients, visitors and staff, and meet ACHS Accreditation requirements across the campus.

Environmental Services strives to maintain the highest quality service for the hospital through continuous training, applying innovative technology and conducting quality audits. With the feedback from our patients, visitors and staff we ensure a clean, safe and environmentally sustainable service.


The primary role of the Security Department is to ensure a safe and secure environment for the benefit of patients, staff and visitors. This service is provided by uniformed licensed security officers. Our security department may be contacted on tel: 02 8382 7402 with any concerns or queries.

Volunteer Services

“…when you volunteer, you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in.”

The author of such a statement has clearly identified the motivation of a volunteer. To make a difference.

That is why the Volunteer Services of St. Vincent’s Private Hospital stand alone as the cohort of people who, without any sense of entitlement or financial recompense, give of themselves, wholeheartedly and personally, professionally and happily. They make a difference.

The Volunteers enhance the spirit within this iconic hospital. Their profile, image and presence colour our hospital culture. ome along, and join this dynamic and exciting team…after all, they make the difference!

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer or would like to attend an information session, please contact James Cutcliffe on 02 8382 6449 or email

Pastoral care

As part of our holistic approach to your care, our pastoral care team are available to offer emotional and spiritual support through times of anxiety, stress or concern. They aim to provide a compassionate presence and open and non-judgmental discussion. Your confidentiality is respected. A Catholic chaplain is available to all patients, families and staff. Sacrament of the sick and reconciliation are available through pastoral services.

Although we are a Catholic organisation, our mission is the care of all patients. With this in mind, the pastoral care team have contacts for all local churches, temples and synagogues. In addition, chaplains from various faith traditions and denominations regularly visit St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney. These chaplains are officially endorsed and considered integral to the work of the pastoral care team. Visits can be arranged by contacting your pastoral carer. If you choose, your own minister, priest, rabbi or spiritual advisor is welcome to visit you.