Your discharge from St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney will be planned and discussed in advance with you and your family.

Discharge time is strictly 10am, please ensure your escort home is available and ready to pick you up at this time. Discuss with your nurse unit manager if you have any issues. 

Discharge home is an important part of the care process. Some patients may have special requirements following discharge. It’s important to identify your needs early so that referrals can be made to services available in your area. If you haven’t made any discharge arrangements, please ask your nurse to contact a member of the discharge planning team for assistance.

Your nurse will provide you with a discharge plan, which should include: 

  • an evaluation of your condition by your health care team
  • a plan for going home or transfer to another health care facility. This may include prescriptions for your medications and a referral letter to your GP
  • our recommendations for any extra support you’ll need at home, and if your carer/family knows how to care for you or if they need further information or support
  • referrals for home care and other community health care support you may need
  • arrangements for follow-up appointments and tests.

This plan will help ensure a smooth and safe transition from hospital – whether you’re going home, to another health care facility or a nursing home.

We will involve you in your discharge care plan and answer any questions you may have. Before you leave hospital it’s important that you and anyone looking after you have all the information you need to safely continue your care.

If you’re feeling concerned about going home, please discuss this with your health care team.

For overnight patients discharge time is 10 am. Please ensure that you have someone to drive or accompany you home.

Before leaving the ward, collect any x-rays or medication and confirm whether you have any follow up appointments. Pack and check you have all your personal belongings.

After surgery you should rest for at least 12 to 24 hours and arrange for someone to stay with you in case of assistance.

If you have had a general anaesthetic or sedation, please do not operate complex or dangerous equipment, such as a motor vehicle, for 24 hours.

Self discharge

Patients can legally discharge themselves at any time, even against the advice of their doctor or hospital staff. However, the patient must accept the associated risks and sign a form taking responsibility for their actions before leaving the hospital.