Discharge Planning Service

Effective discharge planning is about making sure the patient will continue to receive the care they need after leaving hospital and preparing them for a smooth transition to home or to another healthcare facility.

  • Early and ongoing involvement of the patient and their family in all discussions and decisions about the patient’s condition and treatment;
  • Clear and complete information from the multidisciplinary team to the patient and their family about the patient’s condition, treatment and care; and
  • Support from the healthcare team to identify and address any gaps in the skills and knowledge the patient/family will need to continue care after leaving hospital.

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney has an established Discharge Planning Team to assist with any issues you may have about your care after discharge. The team comprises of experienced registered nurses and a Social Worker.

It is vitally important that needs or issues are identified early that may impact on a successful discharged so that appropriate discharge plans can be made. In some instances the most appropriate care will involve admission to an Aged care facility. This may be for a short or period of time (respite care) or for an extended period of time (permanent care). We know that this can be a complex process so our social Worker can assist to ensure the process is not too challenging and the right facility is identified.

If you are Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) patients and admitted to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney for three (3) days or more a member of the Discharge Planning Team will assess you to see whether you meet the criteria for increased support at home.

The Extended Care Program offers a four week home program for patients who may require rehabilitation following hip or knee surgery or complex wound care dressings.

The program is goal oriented and provides patients with six physio visits and four nursing visits and support from a rehabilitation specialist. Patients benefit from an individualised program to suit their ability and care needs.

A member of the Discharge Planning team can assess you to see if you meet the criteria to be enrolled into this Program.