St Vincent's Private Hospital is extremely excited and proud to have teamed up with the one-of-a-kind charity Dreams2Live4 investing in a brand new patient initiative which is being rolled out across the whole St Vincent's Darlinghurst Health Campus:

  • St Vincent's Private
  • The Kinghorn Cancer Centre
  • St Vincent's Public, and
  • Sacred Heart Hospice

Dreams2Live4 will be using our funding to grant the unique dreams of patients' living with metastatic cancer with the aim of making a real difference to our cancer patients' and their families lives.

This amazing charity is unique in that it is the only charity of its type in Australia who's focus is on adult patients suffering with the devastating news of their condition. Our Oncology team and Clinical Nurse Consultants will be working with our dedicated Dreammaker Annabel to grant the unique dreams of oncology patients across the campus, from family holidays to weddings through to thrill seeking activities, creating memories to cherish.

Click here to download the Dreams2Live4 flyer.

Am I Eligible?

Adult patients who have been diagnosed with any of the below are encouraged to apply below.

  • Metastatic cancer – meaning any cancer which has spread from its original site
  • Brain Cancer Grade 3 and Grade 4
  • Relapsed lymphoma
  • Relapsed leukaemia

How can I apply?

If you or a your loved one would like a chance to Dream, and to reignite a sense of control and optimism in your lives please send your information in through the link below.

Click here for a chance to Dream. (PDF 1.1MB)