Day Surgery

Day Surgery Information:

The Day Surgery Unit is located on Level 3 of the St Vincent’s Clinic Building, 438 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst. It is unique in offering patient’s access to a wide range of technically advanced surgical procedures that require either a ‘day only’ or overnight stay.

The car park is accessed from Barcom Avenue, Darlinghurst. Parking fees apply

COVID-19 Pandemic Restrictions on accompanying a patient

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus (COVID 19), Pandemic restrictions on visitors entering the Hospital are in place. Patients can be dropped to the Level 4 Admissions area of St Vincent’s Private Hospital and a staff member will call their pick up person with adequate notice of when they can be collected. A staff member will accompany the patient to the entrance of the St Vincent’s Clinic Building when the pickup person has arrived.


Effective immediately, visitors will not be permitted at St Vincent’s Private Hospital except on compassionate grounds such as end of life care.

We understand this is difficult for patients and their loved ones, and ask for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

On the day before you are scheduled for admission: 

You will be contacted via SMS to your mobile for your arrival and fasting instructions. If you do not have a mobile, you will receive a telephone call. The SMS will be sent between 2pm and 5pm the business day prior to your admission.  

Admission the the Hospital:

  • Please arrive at St Vincent’s Private Hospital, Level 4 Admissions at your scheduled time. Patients can be dropped off outside the Private Hospital main entrance in Victoria Street. Public Parking is available at either St Vincent’s Public Hospital (entry via Victoria St) or St Vincent’s Clinic (entry via Barcom Ave).
  • Parking fees are applicable in both carparks. 
  • Follow your directions from doctors and nurses regarding your fasting instructions. Failure to do so may result in not being able to have your procedure.  
  • A light meal is recommended the evening before surgery unless your doctor instructs otherwise. Avoid consumption of any alcohol.
  • Avoid smoking for at least 12 hours prior to surgery.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to take on and off.
  • In some circumstances patients may be required to stay overnight in the Hospital for additional treatment. The Hospital rooms are all single rooms. Please note some funds require a gap payment for various reasons. The Admissions staff will advise you if this may be necessary.

What to bring for Day Surgery: 

  • All the medications you are currently taking in their original containers. Your GP or pharmacist can provide you with a list of these medications with the dose and times you take them.
  • Your eye glasses and case. If you wear contact lenses, you will not be able to wear them during the procedure so please bring your lens case for storage.
  • Any dentures or hearing aids and the containers in which to store them.
  • All entitlement cards eg, Medicare, Safety Net, Veterans Affairs and health fund cards, pharmaceutical entitlement number and your credit card.
  • Any recent X-rays, scans or films relevant to the procedure you are having. Your doctor’s rooms will advise you if you are unsure.

Please do not bring:

  • Valuables, including jewellery, watches and electrical devices as there is no secure facility to hold these.
  • Large amounts of cash (unless settling your account in cash on admission).
  • Large luggage and suitcases as these cannot be accommodated

The Hospital accepts no responsibility for the loss of any personal items such as jewellery, hearing aids, dentures, glasses, etc.

If there is any change in your general condition such as a cold, or fever, please contact your doctor’s rooms the day prior to your scheduled procedure.

On the day you are scheduled to have surgery:

  • Follow instructions from your doctor and nursing staff including fasting instructions. Wear loose, comfortable clothing.
  • Shower before arrival.
  • Do not wear hair spray, body lotion or perfume.
  • Do not wear any jewellery including wedding rings, earrings and piercings, makeup or nail polish.
  • Do NOT exercise on the day of your surgery or procedure.

On admission to the Day Surgery Unit: 

  • You will be admitted by our patient services staff and taken to the theatre pre-operative areas.
  • Staff will check that you have signed the consent for your procedure. If you have not done this prior to your admission, you will be asked to do so by your doctor prior to any sedation or anaesthetic being administered.
  • Your anaesthetist will see you before your procedure. It is important to discuss with the anaesthetist any specific medical conditions, drug sensitivities, past anaesthetic experiences or concerns you may have.

If you are having eye surgery:

  • Most eye surgery’s (cataracts and corneal grafts) are performed in the clothes you are wearing at admission. For your comfort and to assist the nursing staff please wear something that opens down the front.

After your day only procedure:

  • It is essential that you have a responsible adult collect you from the Hospital after your procedure as you cannot go home by yourself. Our staff will notify them with a time that you should be ready to be discharged. 
  • We recommend that you do not travel on public transport after your procedure (this includes air travel). 
  • It is important that you do not drive a motor vehicle or operate heavy machinery or make important decisions for 24hrs after an anaesthetic as you may not be covered by insurance in the case of an accident. Some surgical procedures will restrict you for longer with driving, so please discuss this with your doctor.
  • Any medications prescribed for you due to your surgery will be provided to you at discharge for your convenience. The Pharmacy will attend to you in Recovery and if medications are required, Pharmacy Staff will discuss and arrange payment options. These discharge medications are generally not covered by your health insurance company.
  • Staff will explain post-operative instructions to you and/or your relative/pick up person before you are discharged. 
  • You will be discharged once your pick up person has arrived to accompany you home. It is recommended that someone be with you overnight where possible. 
  • The following day, you will be contacted by phone from the Discharge Nursing team. 
  • If you or your family are worried about your recovery, then contact your doctor or their rooms. If this is not possible, you can call the Hospital who will assist you in getting in contact with the doctor.  
  • If you do not feel comfortable regarding your discharge, please speak to the nurse who will listen to you and escalate any concerns where necessary.

When you arrive home:

  • After surgery you should rest for at least 12 – 24 hours and arrange for someone to stay with you in case you need assistance.
  • Follow your doctors discharge instructions and take your medication as directed by the doctor.
  • Attend your post-operative appointment with your doctor
  • If you or your family become worried about anything you should contact your doctor, your GP or the hospital