Food and nutrition services are an integral part of your healthcare experience at St Vincent's Private Hospital Sydney. The food services team aims to provide you with nutritious and rewarding meals to aide your recovery.

Your Menu

Illness and injury place extra demands on the body so eating well is important to assist in your recovery. Your menu has been designed by our team of chefs and dietitians to provide you with balanced and tasty meals incorporating a wide variety of nutritious food. It is aligned with national and state based hospital nutrition standards. Our electronic menu management system tracks the specific diet you’re on, the menu selections you’ve made and any special requests approved by your clinician. We cater for 98 different diets in any number of combinations. Please notify your nurse, dietitian or nutrition assistant if you have any special dietary requirements.

Our Meal Service

Times vary slightly from ward to ward, but generally meals are served between the following times:

Breakfast  7.25am–8.15 am
Lunch 12.25pm–1.15pm
Dinner 5.25am –6.15pm

How Do I Order My Meals?

We have a team of nutrition assistants who are trained to assist you with your menu selections. Your family or carer may make choices for you. If you’re unable to order, a suitable choice will be made for you. You may also request a small serving if you feel that is more appropriate to your appetite.

Assistance with meals

Please let your nurse know if you require assistance to:

  • Eat your meals or drink fluids
  • Open food packages
  • Get ready for your meal i.e. sit up and/or out of bed

Special diets

While in hospital, you may need to go onto a special diet, with foods that are different in texture and/or taste to what you’re used to having at home – this is to assist your recovery. Please let staff know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your special diet. On occasion, during your stay, your diet order may need to be changed for medical reasons. This may mean that the meal you ordered is no longer suitable for you, however, a meal that is suitable will be provided.

Guest meals

Special circumstances may permit a guest meal to be ordered for a visitor. Guest meals are charged to the patient’s account. A standard meal will be served and no dietary restrictions will be catered for. For more information please see the receptionist at the desk.

Can I bring in food for a patient?

As much as hospitals try, the food that is served may not meet expectations — especially when people don't feel well. As a result, your loved ones may be tempted to bring a meal or a special treat into the hospital to show their concern and to help make you feel better. As appealing as home cooked food may sound during your hospital stay, we discourage family members and friends from bringing food for several reasons:

  • It might not meet your specific health needs: you may be on a restricted diet due to your condition or preparing for a surgical procedure. When you eat food brought from home you risk interfering with the diet you need during your hospital stay
  • It might make you sicker: there is an increased risk of food poisoning when food is not properly prepared, transported or stored. This can have serious consequences for someone with a compromised immune system

The comfort and well being of each of our patients is our primary concern. For these reasons, St Vincent’s Private cannot accept responsibility for food that is prepared outside the hospital and is brought in for patients by relatives and visitors. Should you feel home cooked meals are necessary, please follow the guidelines in this brochure:

Guidelines for bringing occasional food or drinks in for patients (PDF 14MB)

Consumption of alcohol is prohibited within St Vincent’s Private.

If you’re a patient, or have been a patient with us in the past, we’d love to hear your feedback on your meals. Please take a few minutes to complete our Food Service Satisfaction Survey.