Hospital Admission

Online Admission Form

Following your consultation with your doctor, their practice staff will have now submitted your theatre booking form to the hospital. Now it is your responsibility to complete your hospital online admission form, which includes your basic details and a detailed health questionaire. To do this you can access this form through a link that can be found in the top right hand corner of this website.

Your doctors' staff may have provided you with an information resource that walks you through how to complete this online form, if you did not receive this you can download a copy now, click here (PDF 834KB).

It is extremely important that you complete this online paperwork as soon as possible so that our team are aware of any health issues you have that might affect your treatment.  

When your online form has been submitted and received by the hospital you will be sent a confirmation email, this means that your booking has been successfully received by the hospital and will be processed by our team.

Please allow 24 hours for this confirmation email and check your junk box. If you do not receive this email, please contact our team for support. 

If you do not have access to a device with internet to complete this online form, you can come into the hospital and speak to one of the admissions team who can provide you with access to an iPad and set you up to complete the form onsite. 

Preadmission Appointment

When you have completed your admission online form this will be received electronically by one of our staff members. Our team of Nurses will then make an assessment of your information provided and a decision as to whether a preadmission appointment is required. Your specialist may also have requested that you have a preadmission appointment and referred you to our team.

If you are required to have a pre-admission appointment our team will contact you directly to organise this. Please do not contact the hospital to make an appointment.

The Preadmission Centre is located on Level 4 of St Vincent’s Private Hospital, 406 Victoria Street Darlinghurst. 

Admission and Fasting Details

The day prior to your admission to hospital, you will be contacted by SMS between 2pm and 5pm with confirmation of your fasting requirements and the time in which you need to arrive at hospital.

When you receive this SMS it is extremely important that you respond to this message to confirm that you have received this information. If you do not have a mobile phone, one of our staff members will call your landline number. 

Please refrain from contacting our hospital about your arrival time and fasting details any earlier than 5.30pm the business day prior to your admission.

During your visit

During your visit we provide you with a plan of care, explain your treatment, discuss your discharge options and will answer any questions you or your family may have about your stay.

This is a good time to discuss any specific instructions from your doctor, your current medications and any dietary requirements. Please make sure that you advise the nurse about any pre-existing conditions or risk factors.

If you have any safety concerns we will take steps to address them at this time.

Please bring with you:

  • A list of all medications, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, including dosage information (a verified list can be obtained from your GP or pharmacist)
  • A list of any allergies to medicines, food, latex, dust, pollen or other sources
  • Any doctors’ letters scans and x-rays related to your condition
  • Details of your Health Insurance Fund
  • All entitlement cards e.g. Medicare, Safety Net, Veterans Affairs, Pensioner Health Card or Health Benefit Card (if applicable)
  • Details of any community services you currently receive
  • Contact details for your General Practitioner.

Any tests requested by your doctor will be completed at this time. These may vary depending on your health and type of surgery, but can include vital signs, blood tests, urine tests and/or an ECG. An anaesthetic review may also be arranged in conjunction with your appointment.

At your preadmission appointment we ask that you supply us with your credit card details, which will be entered into our secure system. Any excess or co-payment will be taken at this time.

If for some reason, you are not able to visit our Preadmission Centre, a nurse from the Centre will endeavour to telephone you to discuss your medical history and make sure you have the information you need about your hospital stay.