St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney offers both private and shared rooms with an en-suite, television, radio, telephone and refrigerator.

Call bells are situated at every bedside and in the bathrooms to alert nursing staff when you need assistance. Simply press the button to operate. Always use the call bell before attempting to get in and out of bed and wait for staff to come and help you. Please make sure your call bell and any other items you need are within your reach before nursing staff or family leave your room.

Each room is equipped with a safety deposit drawer to store valuables securely. Please contact the floor reception for your key. We advise that there is only a limited capacity to store valuables within our hospital safe.

While every effort is made to meet preferences for private rooms, we can’t guarantee your choice will be available at time of admission. If you’re allocated a private room and your health insurance does not cover private room fees, a gap payment will apply.