Same Day Centre

  • If you are admitted on the same day of your surgery you will be contacted via text massage by the Same Day Centre the day before your surgery between  3.00pm and 6.00pm.
  • If you are being admitted for a cardiac procedure, you will be texted after 3.00pm.
  • If you are unable to be contacted the day before your surgery please call the Same Day Centre on 02 8382 7560 before 3.00pm.

Once arriving at the hospital on the day of your surgery, the receptionist at the front desk will direct you to the admission area. Once our team have completed your admission to the Hospital, you will be taken to the Same Day Centre lounge which adjoins the Operating Suite on Level 5.


In the Same Day Centre you will be prepared for your surgery or procedure by the nursing staff. Your anaesthetist may also undertake an anaesthetic consultation whilst you are waiting.


Following your surgery you will be taken to your allocated room unless an overnight stay has not been indicated by your doctor, in which case you will be discharged directly from the Same Day Centre once you have safely met our discharge criteria. Your luggage will be locked away in the Same Day Centre on your arrival and delivered to your room throughout the afternoon. Please be aware that you may arrive before your luggage has been delivered.


St Vincent’s Private Hospital Same Day Centre operates under a ‘no escort, no procedure’ policy. Failure to provide details and have a responsible adult to collect you at the Same day Centre and take you home will result in your procedure being postponed to a day when you are able to provide an escort.