What to bring

Please bring to hospital:

  • Any medications you’re currently taking in their original containers. Your GP or pharmacist can usually provide you with a list of these medications, the dose and times you take them.
  • Any doctors’ letters, scans and/or x-rays related to your condition
  • All entitlement cards e.g. Medicare, Safety Net, Veterans’ Affairs, Pensioner Health Card or Health Benefit Card (if applicable)

If you’re staying overnight, please bring a small overnight bag with basic toiletries and sleepwear, as well as any other items you may need to make your stay comfortable. You may like to bring some small change for the purchase of newspapers, etc.

Glasses, contact lenses, hearing aids and dentures should be kept in a protective case when not being used.

What to leave at home

The hospital does not accept responsibility for loss, theft or damage to any personal property kept in your room.  We therefore recommend that you only bring essential items to hospital and that large sums of money, keys, jewellery, personal papers and other valuables be left at home.

For safety reasons, please do not bring hairdryers, hot water bottles, electric blankets, oil burners, candles or incense. Large luggage or suitcases cannot be accommodated.

Please note: if you wear a personal medical alert bracelet, chain or band we will ask you to remove it and send it home. After we have documented the allergy or alert we will apply the hospital’s personal identification and/or alert band.