With the near completion of the new Sr Francis McGuigan rsc Wing, St Vincent’s is set to commence the development and refurbishment of the existing Main Hospital building over the coming 18-24 months.

Once complete, these building works will provide St Vincent’s with a completely revamped contemporary building providing our patients, visitors & staff with an environment that is commensurate with the outstanding level of care provided by the Hospital.

While this is an exciting stage in the Hospital’s overall redevelopment works, these building works are taking place within an operational building and therefore they will involve some occasional disruption to the Hospital’s endeavours.

To this end, there has been a careful planning process adopted by the SVPHS Project Team to minimise disruption and enable the Hospital’s to continue to function effectively throughout construction.

Accordingly, the building works are being split into three phases. Phase A will involve building works on Levels 6-10 of the central component of the existing building. This will take about 8 months. Building works will then begin on Phase B which is the Northern third of Levels 6-10 of the existing building which will take about the same amount of time. The final stage, Phase C will involve building works to Levels 6-10 of the Southern flank of the existing building.

Throughout the building works, the Hospital will be maintaining lift services as well as entrance and egress points.

Disruption will be further minimised through the adoption of a contained and phased approach, using specific measures to minimise noise and vibration.