Consumer Representatives

St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney works closely with consumer representatives in the interest of Patient Safety and Quality and Patient Centred Care.  
Consumer representatives sit on various hospital committees to present the consumer perspective to hospital management and participate in the decision-making process on behalf of consumers.
Consumers bring an important and unique perspective and can contribute to better decision making by providing a balance to the views of healthcare professionals.
Patient Centred Care is the tangible expression of our vision, mission and values by involving patients and their families in their plan of care.

  • It helps the patient to have a sense of ownership over the their health and assists the patient and their families to understand exactly what is happening to them whilst in hospital so they can make important and informed choices about their care.
  • It respects patient and families’ choices, their values, beliefs and cultural backgrounds.
  • It involves patients, and their families in the planning, delivery and evaluation of health care services.

By promoting partnerships between patients, their families, carers and staff,  it improves the quality and safety of healthcare, and leads to better health outcomes.
Consumer representatives assist in the development of appropriate brochures specifically designed for patients and their families.
Patient feedback is an extremely important way of letting the hospital know how patients and their families feel about the service we provide.
The hospital has a Feedback Form which is available here (PDF 197.1KB) and in the hospital.

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