Leaving a Gift in Your Will

When you choose to leave a gift in your Will to St Vincent's Private Hospital Sydney you are helping one of Australia’s most valued private hospitals to continue to deliver excellence patient care for future generations. As a non-profit organisation St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney relies on your support and we greatly value every bequest, however large or small.

You can direct your bequest to a particular area within the hospital such as rehabilitation or to help purchase medical equipment. If you do intend directing your gift in this way, please bear in mind that a Will is generally written many years in advance, and our needs and priorities will change over time. To avoid any future problems, we suggest you write you’re Will to enable us to redirect your gift to a similar area if necessary, in keeping with your intention.

Your bequest may take several forms, including:

  • percentage of your Estate;
  • residuary bequest, i.e. the remainder of your Estate after you have made specific gifts to family and friends. This ensures your generosity is inflation proof, and removes the need to put a value on your gift;
  • specific bequest such as property, shares, a sum of money, etc;
  • contingency bequest, in the event that one of your beneficiaries dies before you do, and your Executor cannot distribute his/her bequest as planned;

If you have included St Vincent's Private Hospital Sydney in your Will, please let us know. By making us aware of your intentions you will not only help us plan for the future, but will allow us thank you during your lifetime.

How to Leave a Bequest

We encourage you to seek legal advice when preparing your Will. If you have already made a Will and wish to include St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney, your legal adviser can prepare a simple amendment known as a codicil. You may choose to use the suggested wording below. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Suggested wording for your Will

'I give to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney (ABN 99 269 630 262), Victoria Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010: (insert one of the following):
a) ______ %of my Estate; or
b) all my share and interest in the property know as (insert full address of property); or
c) the sum of $____________________(insert amount); or
d) the residue of my Estate; and/or
e) in the event that any of my nominated beneficiaries should predecease me then their bequest shall not fail but I give and bequeath the share of my deceased beneficiary to St Vincent’s Private Hospital for its general purposes,
… and I direct that the receipt of the Chief Executive Officer of St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney or other authorised body of the Hospital shall be sufficient discharge to my Executor(s) who is not bound to see to its application.”

To find out more about leaving a gift in your Will to St Vincent’s Private Hospital Sydney, visit the St Vincent’s Curran Foundation’s website at http://www.supportstvincents.com.au or call tel: 1800 800 595.